• 10/11/07

    HD DVD Review: Evan Almighty

    The image is presented with that “looking-through-a-window-look” that the best in HD provides. While the colors in this film are bright, especially in daylight outdoor scenes, they are very natural looking and not over saturated at all. [view review]

  • 10/10/07

    Netflix Statistics Show HD DVD More Popular Than Blu-ray Disc

    HD DVD are more than twice as popular than Blu-ray Disc at Netflix. [view article]

  • 10/10/07

    HD DVD players lead in HD sales

    New numbers from NPD put HD DVD stand-alone players in front when it comes to sales. Year-to-date figures say that HD DVD has 53% of all sales with Blu-ray doing 44%. The last 3% accounts for combo HD DVD and Blu-ray players. [view article]

  • 10/08/07

    HD DVD Review: Top Gun

    The image is presented with that “looking through a window look” that the best HD provides. While the colors in this film are bright, especially in daylight outdoor scenes, they are very natural looking and not over saturated at all. [view review]

  • 10/05/07

    HD DVD Review: Batman Begins

    If Batman Begins doesn't look and sound spectacular, and boast tons of supplemental features, the HD DVD format is going to have its first genuine disappointment on its hands. But I'm happy to report that Batman Begins delivers in spades. It is all that I hoped for, and as it stands now, is likely to be the first disc I pull out when I need great demo material to show off my system. [view review]

  • 10/04/07

    Microsoft® Forms "Interactivity" Alliance With Toshiba, Hollywood Studios

    Microsoft is teaming up with some major Hollywood studios and its former Zune manufacturing partner Toshiba to launch a forum aimed at developing new, interactive content for games, DVDs and other consumer products. [view article]

  • 10/03/07

    HD DVD to Launch Online Shopping Feature

    Just watched Evan Almighty? Did its environmental message make you want to buy ecologically sound toilet paper? Well, now you can get instant gratification — if you watched the movie on an HD DVD player and are willing to give the remote a workout. [view article]

  • 10/03/07

    Universal builds bridge to Web shop on Evan Almighty

    Universal Studios Home Entertainment will launch its first e-commerce features tied to a high-def disc with the HD DVD Combo release of Evan Almighty [view article]

  • 08/23/07

    HD DVD Review: Heroes: Season 1

    This first season of Heroes (the hit show is due back on NBC for a second go-round beginning this September) is an origin tale. As such, there is a lot of explaining going on—even more so in this HD DVD version, which features an extended version of the pilot and (if you're a true fan) over 50 deleted scenes. [view review]

  • 07/23/07

    HD DVD Review: 300

    There's no debating that this HD DVD edition of 300 delivers—so much so that even a high-def purist like myself, it's possible to ignore the film's intentionally degraded visual design and just enjoy the ride. [view review]

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Did You Know?

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