From project inception all the way through to launch, KNI is a full-service agency of record. We’re deeply experienced and our capabilities span the full ecosystem of your print and digital marketing needs.


From initial strategy sessions, to wire-framing pages and flows, to polished design, and, of course, fully executed and integrated front end builds, KNI does it all. As pages get front-end developed, KNI will post important updates to your staging site, allowing you to start reviewing the build as it’s being updated on staging. If you spot something you want us to update, Pageproofer will allow you to drop comments directly into the build and those will show up in Slack, alerting us that you’d like to update some copy or maybe you found a bug.

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Print & Collateral

One of the outcomes of doing great web work is clients wanting their printed collateral to be as nice as the web work. At KNI we pride ourselves on being truly cross-disciplinary between digital and print. We take tremendous pride in being not just a web agency, but a design agency capable of handling all of your ongoing design needs.

  • Business Card
  • Conference Design
  • Company Value Poster
  • Storyboarding
  • PDF
  • Style Guide
  • Brouchure
  • Email Template
  • Newsletter
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Branding & Logo

KNI has had the privilege of doing logos for over 25 companies over the last few years. From typographic marks to combinations of graphic marks and type, we’ll deliver you a world class logo at series A prices.

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Once the keyword landscape is documented, it’s time to write headlines and body copy that meets the search-intent we discovered in our keyword and landscape research. And, importantly, we’ll make sure these are formatted into smartly organized H1, H2, and body-copy structures that are ideal for the continual mining and development of better conversion and SEO.

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Full Marketing Suite Integration

At KNI, we understand that no modern Marketing teams today use exactly the same toolset. From the prospect management tools to the inbound conversion-tracking tools, to the optimization and a/b testing tools, any and all of these require a pitch-perfect code-stack that handles the day-to-day needs. Against the backdrop of ever-changing marketer’s needs, we’ve crafted a smart development and deployment setup, one that allows our clients to get updates, tweaks, tinkering and even larger full-feature enhancements done and done quickly.

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We love to partner with companies to design and build beautiful, lasting digital experiences and customers journeys for their brands and IP. Drop us a line and lets us know if you’ve got a project or a business partnership you’re interested in exploring.

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