Parkmerced Vision

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  • Maximus Partners

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  • April 2016

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KNI’s site artfully showcases the construction initiative’s environmentally-friendly plan.

The site is the main community outreach and knowledge base, the public “face,” if you will, of a multi-billion dollar project designed to completely transform 152 acres of Western San Francisco. The site’s strategic goals are to provide both investors as well as public visitors with a means to track the project, learn about what’s happening there, and of course, gather insights and key updates about construction progress, as well as new architectural renderings and project materials that help keep people up to date on where the project is at all times. The site will be updated and grow and transform along side the property itself, over the next 12-15 years, and be the main visual and informational resource needed to keep telling the story, as it continues to unfold over one and half decades. This is what made the project particularly interesting in that we’d never encountered a visual-narrative-campaign of such magnitude and longevity. Just a massive project and so fascinating to be a part of such a big transformative endeavor happening in San Francisco, one that will affect the history of the entire city.

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