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  • Twistlock, Ltd.

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  • February 2017

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Did you know that at any given moment some big applications we use on the web, every day, without thinking much about it, can be running hundreds of thousands of instances at the same time? A company called Docker built a platform to help DevOps teams manage these huge “Swarms” or “Kubernetes” clusters, as they’re known, and the metaphor they chose was “Containers.” Along comes Twistlock, a super smart, very successful company who wrote a really useful set of container management tools to help DevOps and security teams better manage deployments and monitor security across their huge arrays of container swarms. Twistlock came to us with almost no visual content and retained KNI to help them create a visual language for the brand and extend an entire system of visualizations and graphic vernacular out into this highly technical arena, including the ongoing day-to-day content development and, of course, integration with a variety of cloud-based marketing tools.

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