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  • June 2015

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It’s a requirement that every publicly traded company on the US stock market issue and/or otherwise make public, a so-called Proxy Statement to their investors each year. This has been a law for decades. Yet, amazingly, there has yet to be a really good turnkey system for these companies to put these statements quickly and efficiently into nicely formatted web-pages. This was a fact that wasn’t lost on our clients, iiWisdom, who, late in 2015, set out to change all that. They started by retaining KNI to help them design, develop and maintain the system that allows them to spin these sites up for their clients, including custom CSS, dynamically generated tables and a host of other publishing tools that allow iiWisdom to turn these sites around efficiently for their clients. So far they seem to be off to a rolicking success, having already signed up over a dozen fortune 1000 companies to utilize the system. We did all the design, UX, the multi-site logic, markup and development.

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