Let’s be honest here. In the world of typical agency-speak and agency chest-thumping, School of Thought is, unequivocally, the anti-agency agency. As they like to say, “when you hire us; you’re going to get us.” Because of their quirk and offbeat stylistic tendency, this project wasn’t necessarily a wham-bam, and, in truth, it took a tremendous volume of creative ideation in order to finally strike the perfect creative tone for such an agency. We did volumes of typographic mood boards, creative brand mood boards, and reams of page layouts, in order to finally get signoff. In short, we worked our butts off to finally get that “this is us, guys; you GOT it” moment with Tom and Joe. It was a bit like going to creative boot camp or something of that sort. Yet, like so many things in life, the hardest achieved moments are often the most gratifying. It’s a richly satisfying experience to power through and finally get that deep exhale.


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